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KALADIN: Epic Fantasy Book Soundtrack

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Kaladin Album Art
Kaladin Album Art

Kaladin, an epic fantasy book soundtrack inspired by Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings is digitally released on Amazon mp3, CD Baby, iTunes, and Google Play. It can also be found as physical CDs (two disc sets) at physical retailers around the world (such as Amazon and CD Baby).

Michael acted as Producer and Lead Composer/Orchestrator for a team of 11 composers, 11 orchestrators, and an army of music prep assistants. Kaladin was recorded using two separate orchestras (Prague: 70-piece full orchestra and 40-piece orchestra, and Budapest: 32-piece string group), several different choirs (including a virtual choir made up of fans of the book), and several amazing soloists (including Tina Guo).

The album is over 90 mins in runtime length and has, thus far, been positively received with extreme excitement! Check it out here:



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