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Struggle and Beauty - from FIVE FOR THE FIGHT
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Featuring Sandy Cameron on the violin, Struggle and Beauty speaks to the pain of severe trials while underscoring the poignant beauty that comes as a result with time.


The Cold Podcast quickly jumped to #1 on Apple Podcast on the first day of its release, with over 40,000 downloads. It's easy to see why: it's extremely well researched, and the investigative journalist (also the narrator) is extremely charismatic in the delivery. The entire team forged a highly compelling product.

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Kaladin by The Black Piper has been called groundbreaking by fans across the world. It gives Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel The Way of Kings the complete Hollywood treatment: Full cinematic quality, top tier performers such as Tina Guo and Abby Khalek, world-class mixer (Casey Stone) and world-class mastering engineer (Patricia Sullivan).

In Rheumatic Relief, Bahnmiller composes in a style that would fit naturally within a Disney Nature pallet. To truly capture the essence of the place and the feel of the doc, Bahnmiller worked with Olivia Foa'i (Disney's Moana) and members of the well-deserved award-winning One Voice Children's Choir.

In collaboration with Latvian director, Pavel Gumennikov, Bahnmiller had the immense pleasure of working on a film that has been a huge inspiration to many around the world. Gumennikov's beautiful film Just, Go! participated in 53 film festivals across the globe, winning at 27 different festivals (17 major film festivals) and event went on to be Gumennikov (and Bahnmiller's) first Oscar-submitted short film.


Charity Beard for the Beard Buddies was part of a collaborative relationship between Michael Bahnmiller and director/producer Janssen Weeks. It served as an outlet to play around with and helped to cement a rewarding relationship. It's certainly a fun "blast from the past" for any who worked on it.

BUILD TO A BILLION (Commercial, Synth/Techno)

Build to a Billion, written for internet host BlueHost, demonstrates Bahnmiller's ability to work in other genres and styles.

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